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imageSeamless Day – Our Kindergarten programs are truly full-day programs, meaning that your child is not only on an educational program for less than two effective hours a day. No need to transport your child to after 4 programs. The centre operates from 7 AM to 6 PM so your child will stay in the same place every day of the week.

Small ratios and group sizes – Our Junior and Senior KG program ratios are 1 teacher per maximum of 12 children. In some cases it is even better, 1:10 or even 1:8. The largest group size we have is 16 children, with two fully qualified teachers who have Early Childhood and Elementary teacher Diplomas.

Excellence in Educational Programs – Perhaps the number one reason why parents choose our school is the quality of our educational programs. Not only do we follow the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, but we offer an enhanced program which contains many special programs like: “letters without tears,” the latest in teaching reading and writing skills for young children; indoor and outdoor science program; yoga for children; Junior and Senior Kindergarten children have personalized work books where we track their progress. The program includes field trips as well as activities where the field trip comes to the school; as an example, NAC orchestra members and other professionals and performers come to offer activities right at our Centre on a yearly basis. Details of our programs are available at the Centre.

Environment/atmosphere – Those of you who know our facilities, know that the whole place is designed to a scale appropriate to make your child feel at home. It does not have the institutional look of large schools with proportions and materials that are intimidating to young children. The same can be said regarding our playgrounds – providing a pond with fish, a garden that the children cultivate, and a number of areas designed to offer a large array of play opportunities. The programs also incorporate our playground as an “outdoor classroom” where children learn first-hand to respect the environment and the functioning of various ecosystems.

Healthy food and snacks prepared on the premises – We provide your child with nutritional food and snacks during the day, taking into consideration health related issues like allergies and special circumstances. The chance of food poisoning from foods coming from outside the school is eliminated. It is also more convenient for Mom not to have to worry about preparing and sending a lunch bag to school every day.

Personalized attention – Our low ratios allow our dedicated staff to provide personalized attention to your child. Each activity is designed with a purpose and the challenge level is adjusted to each child’s ability. Our teachers assess your child’s development and spot rapidly any potential developmental difficulties. Early detection of difficulties associated with social, physical or intellectual development of each child is therefore addressed immediately, and early correction intervention is taken and recommended as required. We work with you in order to provide your child with anything he or she needs to have fun while learning, and to develop a love for learning which will last a lifetime.

Feel free to contact us and arrange a guided visit where we can show you the advantages of our programs. Subsidized spaces are available for qualified families.

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