2018 Monthly Fees (Fees remain the same as 2017)

Infants 1,777.00
Jr. Toddlers / Toddlers 1,430.00
Preschoolers and Jr. & Sr. KG 1,224.00

A discount of 10% for the youngest child is offered to families with two or more children.
We remind you that the monthly fees are a blended rate, calculated by taking the total number of days the Centre is open in the year and dividing it by 12 months. Statutory holidays are included in the calculation, and days that the Centre is closed in December are not charged for.

The monthly fees are, as usual, payable in advance on the first day of each month. We strongly encourage you to use Automatic Withdrawal by completing a “Direct Withdrawal Consent Form” in our office or by submitting postdated cheques. We also have an interact machine on site for your convenience.


Note: A complete and detailed Information Package can be found under the tab “Enrollment Information”
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