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It is the policy of The Little School that the Criminal Reference Check be one component of our overall selection criteria for all new employees. Criminal reference checks are required for all full and part-time positions (teaching staff , supply teachers, child care consultants, resource teachers, program assistants, cooks, administrative and clerical staff, housekeepers, drivers and anyone participating in the child-to-staff ratio).



Hi, my name is Arlene and I have been working here at The Little School for over 13 years. I had the opportunity to work in all the rooms and I absolutely love being where I belong in the Infant program. The Infant room is where it all begins. They are so small yet awesome. It is magic watching them grow. The simplest of things delight them.

I am a mother of three beautiful adult children and I have three adorable grand children who are the light of my life.

I believe it is important to be their champion of play, so they can discover, learn and grow, in a fun, safe, safe environment.

Hi, my name is Katie. I graduated from Algonquin College where I received my Early Childhood Education diploma.

I started working at The Little School in August 1993, and worked in the Toddler program for ten years, followed by one and a half years in the Jr. Kindergarten program. In March 2011 I was very excited to return to the Toddler program after being off for a year on maternity leave. I am now very happy to be part of the Infant program.

One of the things I enjoy most about working with young children is watching and participating in their growth and development not only physically, but also socially.

I am a single mom with two wonderful children, a handsome son a beautiful daughter.

Hello everyone, my name is Wei. I received my Early Childhood Education diploma from Algonquin College and was hired as an Assistant Teacher in the Infant program at The Little School Daycare in October 2010.

I am from China and I came to Canada in 2003. I have two children, a girl and a boy. I really like to spend time with my family. I have a passion for making simple crafts and working with children.

Hello, my name is Josee. In 1986, I began studying for my diploma in “Education des Petits” at Algonquin College and graduated in 1988. I have been with The Little School since January 1993 working in various programs. I am currently working with Infants and Junior Toddlers and I have the great opportunity to teach French to the Jr. Kindergarten children once a week and to the Senior Kindergarten children twice a week.

I have many hobbies besides working with the children. Mostly, I enjoy reading all types of novels, especially mysteries.

Finally, I would simply like to say that I am happy to work in such a wonderful daycare!


Hello, my name is Judy. I was born in Africa and moved with my family to Peterborough, Ontario in 1975. I received my E.C.E. diploma in 1987, from Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough. I moved to Ottawa in June of that year and shortly thereafter started working with Elsa at The Little School, which at that time was in a different location. So you could say I am a part of the landscape here! I am the Head Teacher of the Junior Toddler room and I enjoy working with this age group.

I got married in 1989 and have two children. They too have gone through The Little School.

I enjoy doing crafts, playing the piano and other instruments (when I have the time!!). I love the outdoors and anything that has to do with it. I enjoy participating in sports. Most of my time is spent with my family who are very important to me.

I believe in a saying: If you tell me I will forget, if you teach me I will remember, if you involve me, I will learn.

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a Teacher Assistant in the Jr. Toddler program at The Little School. I joined the Centre in September of 2010.
I grew up in Ottawa and moved to Kingston to attend St. Lawrence College taking the Social Service Work program.

I believe that children are our future and they need the best quality education and care, to continue to learn and grow.


My name is Laurel, I live in Gatineau, Quebec. I have been married for 22 years to a pretty awesome man and I have three grown children; all alumni of The Little School!
I am a graduate of the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Ecology, majoring in Family Studies. I worked for four years in a Preschool program before moving east in 1987.
My adventures with The Little School began in the winter of 1988 where I joined in July as a Teacher in the Toddler program. I stayed on until the arrival of my youngest child in 1994, and at that point became a stay-at-home Mom for 14 years.

I have been back working at The Little School since 2008 and I love it! When the chance came to return to the Toddler program, I jumped at it and haven’t looked back! I love the positive energy of the room and the people I work with! But what inspires me most of all is the curiosity and honesty of a two year old! The best working conditions in town are just beyond the cubby room door and how lucky am I to be a part of that!

Drop by and say hello any time!



Hello, my name is Robyn I am the Head Teacher in the Preschool Program. I am very blessed to have a delightful daughter who has a wonderful personality and continually keeps me smiling!
I graduated with an Early Childhood Assistant diploma in 2008 from Everest College. I am currently enrolled at Canador College doing online courses to get my Early Childhood Education.

I enjoy being a part of the Preschool Program and very pleased to have the opportunity to be with your children on a daily basis!! Working with children has always been a passion of mine and I enjoy getting to know all the different little personalities that come my way.

My name is Stephanie. I’m originally from a small town east of Ottawa. I recently had a little girl, who also attends the Centre and my native tongue is French.
I’ve been working at The Little School since August 2008. Since that time I have worked in all of the six programs. I am currently an Assistant Teacher in the Junior Toddler program.
I really enjoy working with all of the different age groups at the school. I gain great satisfaction in helping your children to learn and grow every day.

My name is Rachel, I am a wife and a mother of two wonderful girls. I grew up in the small town and graduated from Cassel man high school in 2001. I have been working in daycare since 2004 and cannot picture myself doing anything else.

I am now a Teacher Assistant at The Little School, working in the preschool program. I believe that children learn through play. I encourage the children to try new things and participate in group activities. I try to have a positive outlook on everything I do. I love doing art, singing songs and playing games with the children, using my creative side to come up with new and interesting ways to teach them.

I look forward to meeting and getting to know all our little friends and helping them grow.


Hi, my name is Connie and I am the Head Teacher in the Junior Kindergarten Program at The Little School.
I have been teaching young children since I graduated in 1975 from Conestoga College, in the Early Childhood Education Program. In 1983, I left my hometown of Waterloo, Ontario and my job as an Assistant Supervisor of a wonderful daycare, to begin a new phase in my life, in Ottawa. For many years during the school year, I was the Head Teacher in both the Junior and Senior Kindergarten programs at an Orthodox Jewish School, and I would spend my summers at The Little School as a supply teacher. Now, I am a full time staff member at TLS.

My love and respect for children of all ages continues to blossom daily, and one of my goals is to offer every child a safe and happy environment, sprinkled with many exciting learning experiences that will help him/her to grow and develop into a fine human being.



Hello, I’m Claire and I’ve worked at The Little School as a substitute since 2003. I was hired as a full-time Support Teacher in December of 2007 which means that I work with each of your children at one time or another during any given week. I like working in this position as it gives me the chance to see everyone in the centre; not only the children, but also the parents. And we all know they are the most important person in each child’s life! I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator.

I have four children and two granddaughters. I have been a volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada for eighteen years working with all different levels. I’ve also been a volunteer in my children’s schools and community for about twenty-five years.

I enjoy my work here at The Little School very much!

Hi, my name is Anthea and I was born in Barbados. I immigrated to Montreal in the 1966 and I am the last of six children.

In 1998 I moved to Ottawa. I have since been fortunate to work in several daycares in the Orleans area.

My interests and activities include spending time with my grandchildren, reading a variety of books, genealogy, and volunteering. I have also taken several Early Childhood Education courses at Algonquin College.

I am happy to be working as a Support Teacher at The Little School.

Hi, my name is Nancy and I share the Kindergarten/Toddler Support Teacher position with Anthea. I started working at The Little School in 1997. I have always enjoyed being around children and working at The Little School has been a wonderful experience.

I have been married since 1969 and have one daughter, who is also in the field of Early Childhood Education.



My name is Claudine, the Administrative Assistant at The Little School. I immigrated to Canada in 2008 from Central Africa. Canada is such a contrast compared to my ever warm and tiny country!

After working for 18 years for a Dutch multinational company operating in Burundi, I am enjoying this new experience of working at The Little School, which is such a family oriented daycare.

I studied in France and graduated in Computer Programming. Over the following years, I held several positions including Senior Management. I enjoy learning from others including from the children we serve, as well as, sharing personal and professional experiences with colleagues.

Hi, my name is Donna and I came to work at The Little School in October 2000. I was very happy in the Infant room working with the team until the end of 2008. The past years working with the Infants was infinitely rewarding, allowing me the opportunity to enrich their young lives.

As of January 2009, I transferred to the Office as Program Assistant. The work is very diverse, challenging and fulfilling.

My name is Tina, I am the Supervisor Assistant at The Little School. I have been at The Little School since 2007.

I graduated from the ECE program at St. Lawrence College in Cornwall in 2005. I worked as the Head Teacher in a French Toddler Program “Les Frimousses” at an Elementary School for one year.

I have had the privilege of working in the Toddler Program as well as the Infant Program before taking on this new chapter in my career. I have really enjoyed these past two years in the office.

I enjoy working with children more than anything. I believe in providing children with structure and stability. I am a strong believer in positive guidance as well as being a good role model. Children are our future, providing them with a good start will help shape whom they will become.

Please don’t hesitate to come speak with me, my door is always open.




Hello-Bonjour, my name is Francine and I am presently the Cook for The Little School. I graduated in 1979 from Sault-Ste-Marie College of Art and Technology where I studied in the Chef Training Program.

My experience in Art Culinary starts from working in reputable Hotels and Senior’s’ Homes and my field of creativities expanded while working for bakeries and caterers for many years.
Now, at The Little School Daycare it gives me great, rewarding pleasure to share my skills in this young and enthusiastic environment!

Hello, my name is Margarita and I’m from Mexico. I came to Canada in February 1998.
I started to work at The Little School in September 1999, as a Cook’s Assistant and I really enjoy my work. I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling with my daughter to her swimming competitions, and playing with my granddaughter.

Hi my name is Martin. I was born and raised in Mexico. I came to Canada with my family in August, 2005.
For several years I worked in maintenance and carpentry in different places in Mexico. I am also a professional soccer coach and soccer is my passion.

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